If you are a combat veteran or have a combat veteran in your life, please look at and use these resources to see how PTSD affects a person and how you can can get help and start the process of healing.

PTSD is a serious issue that is harming soldiers, veterans, and families each day. Too often someone suffering from PTSD doesn’t know they have it or deny it and avoid getting help, instead turning to self-medicating with things that just numb and mask the issue. With more soldiers having committed suicide than died in combat, this is a war that continues for us combat veterans each and every day. If you are a veteran and think you might have PTSD, you need to seek help because you are the only one that can help yourself. If you have a loved one that you see suffering from PTSD, please use these resources to encourage them to seek help.

The number of active-duty military and veterans taking their own lives is now surpassing the number of combat casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as outpacing gun-related teen and child deaths. Each 65 minutes a veteran or soldier ends their life. This is unacceptable.


Wounded Warriors Project – This organization helps raise public awareness of injured soldiers. They offer great ways for veterans to help one another and start the road to healing.

AboutFace – Hear the stories of veterans who suffer from PTSD. See how treatment has helped turn their lives around.

VA – The official website of the Veteran’s Association for PTSD.

VA Social Media Directory – Find and follow local and regional VA offices and programs.

Service Dogs

Hearts of Gold


Blogs – a veteran’s account of his PTSD and life with a service dog. – a site dedicated to raising awareness about the benefits of service and therapy dogs and how they can help veterans suffering from PTSD.


Until Tuesday – A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him




Wounded Warrior Project

National Center for PTSD AboutFace homepage

PTSD Coach Mobile App byNational Center for PTSD homepage

Team Rubicon