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Arriving in Country

Walker in Kuwait 2005

Stepping off the plane that first night in Kuwait was incredible. We had just flown close to 24 hours and over 7,000 miles to get to Kuwait, and once we had boots on the ground I knew instantly that things

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A Taste of the Fire


After being in combat, you become addicted to it. You’re addicted to the lawlessness, the adrenaline, and the power. War is addicting. This can be a very delicate balance. A part of me very much desires to go back to

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I’m posting this blog from my Dashboard in Leopard.  Pretty cool.  One of my goals this year is to blog on a regular basis.  So here’s the first post for the first week. We’re leaving for Arizona a week from

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It’s hard to Keep U!

For that one single person who actually reads this: I’m officially trying to keep this blog up-to-date. I promise. I will officially start with a new post tomorrow. Till then…

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Election History

I am glad for Obama. I wasn’t positive who I’d have voted for had I been registered in Missouri, but it more than likely would have been him. Either way, I am glad for the change that will take place

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What is up with our neighbors?

A man decides that it would benefit his family to cut down his neighbors trees. The mans kids are at school, and have no idea what their father is doing. The neighbor comes home and sees his trees have all

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Dead Soldiers, Dead Civilians

So we’ve passed the 4,000 casualty mark. I just called it a “mark”. How about, “We’ve just lost 4,000 brothers, fathers, sisters, mothers, cousins, and friends? 4000 people that like to go to the movies with their friends, or give

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Getting ready to move again!

Well, I must say it’s been awhile since the last time I posted. Been kind of busy with my new wife, school, work, etc. However, it has been an overall great experience out here in Phoenix. I think that moving

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A visit with family

I had the most wonderful time in North Carolina this weekend. I was able to meet and visit with so many members of my family. In three and a half days I felt like I really reconnected with everyone, and

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A little banner I made


To put this banner in your Blog, MySpace, Xanga, or other weblog, copy the code below and insert it wherever you’d like it to appear. Thanks for your support! &lta href=”″&gt&ltimg src=”×164.gif” border=”0″&gt&lt/a&gt

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