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Healing PTSD with Different Methods

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One year ago, I was diagnosed with PTSD. However, I had been living with it (and not dealing with it) for over six years. The more time went on, the more it reared it’s deceptive and destructive head. After coming

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One Year Later


It has been almost one full year since I first came to grips with my PTSD and started to realize it for what it is. It has been almost an entire year of learning more about myself, my family, and

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Vietnam & Iraq; Getting Better Together

Two Dollar Bill

I have been going to counseling since the beginning of the year. I started out by doing some one-on-one counseling at the Vet Center in Morgantown. After six weeks or so, she started recommending that I try out group counseling.

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A Taste of the Fire


After being in combat, you become addicted to it. You’re addicted to the lawlessness, the adrenaline, and the power. War is addicting. This can be a very delicate balance. A part of me very much desires to go back to

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Doing Some Research

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After going to counseling for the last few months and further figuring out what exactly I’m dealing with in regards to my PTSD, my counselor and I have decided to do some research. One of my issues, among others, is

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After making it through the holidays (which were fairly stressful, actually. Anxiety, stress, and then a car accident) and getting settled back into something resembling a routine, I visited the local VA clinic again to talk to the doctor about

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I Think I Have PTSD. Now What?

As time went on after I returned from the war, I started noticing subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) signs that I might have PTSD. My family certainly expressed their concern, but I wrote them off as just over-concerned family

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The War That Continues

We redeployed to the states and hit the ground running. The refrigerator in our barracks was jam packed with beer. We grilled out the biggest steaks we could find every night. The only “reintegration” talk we got was “don’t hit

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Where Is My Purpose?

I remember waking up before sunrise in Baghdad to suit up for combat. These missions were always unpredictable. Some days were boring. Other days, the madness never stopped. Either way, you were guaranteed that no two days would ever be

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Why We Don’t Show It

Returning from war as a decorated war “hero” is baggage in and of itself. Returning veterans feel a need to live up to the pride their family and community has in them. Some veterans, myself included, may become slightly awkward

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