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Baxter is here!


I officially received Baxter in May of 2014. I honestly couldn’t contain myself. I met Baxter for the first time in April of 2012. Baxter was nine months old at the time. While still a puppy, he probably had no

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My First Mission

We were deployed to Camp Striker, just southwest of Baghdad. This was the area referred to as the Triangle of Death due to high levels of combat and sectarian violence. At night, laying on my cot, I could hear the

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The Triangle of Death


We deployed to southwest Baghdad, an area more appropriately known as the Triangle of Death in Iraq. This was due mostly to the high level of combat and sectarian violence that took place there. We were located within close proximity

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Arriving in Country

Walker in Kuwait 2005

Stepping off the plane that first night in Kuwait was incredible. We had just flown close to 24 hours and over 7,000 miles to get to Kuwait, and once we had boots on the ground I knew instantly that things

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Shipping to Basic

drawing in kuwait

After I enlisted as a 19D cavalry scout in the Army I had a few months to wait before I left for basic training. I had joined the Delayed Entry Program and had the benefit of working with my recruiter

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The War That Continues

We redeployed to the states and hit the ground running. The refrigerator in our barracks was jam packed with beer. We grilled out the biggest steaks we could find every night. The only “reintegration” talk we got was “don’t hit

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Why We Don’t Show It

Returning from war as a decorated war “hero” is baggage in and of itself. Returning veterans feel a need to live up to the pride their family and community has in them. Some veterans, myself included, may become slightly awkward

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Mirror, Mirror

Change often takes time. Even more than that, it takes even more time for us to realize the change, especially in ourselves. Think about it; when you gain weight or lose weight, you think you are the same. Go a

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My Enlistment

I remember joining the Army. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. It gave me purpose, drive, and determination. Prior to my enlistment, I was working at a modular homes manufacturer, building the interior walls and

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