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Baxter is here!


I officially received Baxter in May of 2014. I honestly couldn’t contain myself. I met Baxter for the first time in April of 2012. Baxter was nine months old at the time. While still a puppy, he probably had no

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One Year Later


It has been almost one full year since I first came to grips with my PTSD and started to realize it for what it is. It has been almost an entire year of learning more about myself, my family, and

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Update on Baxter

Here’s an update on Baxter. I’ve been running with him a few times a week and visiting him at some of his training. This weekend he got to come out for some climbing. I’ll start training with him next month

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Doing Some Research

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After going to counseling for the last few months and further figuring out what exactly I’m dealing with in regards to my PTSD, my counselor and I have decided to do some research. One of my issues, among others, is

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Meet Baxter

Meet Baxter

In just the last couple of weeks I started looking into a class offered at West Virginia University that offers students the opportunity to train service dogs for placement with owners. A friend mentioned it to me knowing that I

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This Veteran’s Day I was honored to guest post for You can read the post here. They are raising awareness of the benefits of service dogs working with veterans suffering from PTSD. They are a great resource, and I

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