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Prisoner Swaps & Fairness

I’ve been following the Bergdhal story for a bit and am amazed at the responses from people, both military and civilian. Here’s my quick take on it. The soldier was taken into enemy custody. Did he abandon his post? Did

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One Year Later


It has been almost one full year since I first came to grips with my PTSD and started to realize it for what it is. It has been almost an entire year of learning more about myself, my family, and

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Memorial Day Thoughts

Memorial Day

If you know me, you may have wondered what the bracelets I wear on both of my wrists are. Some people think they’re just Army bracelets that you get for being in the Army. Others know what they are, and

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My First Mission

We were deployed to Camp Striker, just southwest of Baghdad. This was the area referred to as the Triangle of Death due to high levels of combat and sectarian violence. At night, laying on my cot, I could hear the

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The Triangle of Death


We deployed to southwest Baghdad, an area more appropriately known as the Triangle of Death in Iraq. This was due mostly to the high level of combat and sectarian violence that took place there. We were located within close proximity

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Arriving in Country

Walker in Kuwait 2005

Stepping off the plane that first night in Kuwait was incredible. We had just flown close to 24 hours and over 7,000 miles to get to Kuwait, and once we had boots on the ground I knew instantly that things

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Shipping to Basic

drawing in kuwait

After I enlisted as a 19D cavalry scout in the Army I had a few months to wait before I left for basic training. I had joined the Delayed Entry Program and had the benefit of working with my recruiter

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After making it through the holidays (which were fairly stressful, actually. Anxiety, stress, and then a car accident) and getting settled back into something resembling a routine, I visited the local VA clinic again to talk to the doctor about

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I Think I Have PTSD. Now What?

As time went on after I returned from the war, I started noticing subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) signs that I might have PTSD. My family certainly expressed their concern, but I wrote them off as just over-concerned family

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Don’t Cut Me Open Just Yet

Right after I got out of the Army, I went to the VA hospital for a regular checkup and some dentistry. I had a cavity, so they filled it. The next day, I had full-body X-rays as a baseline for

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