Baxter is here!

I officially received Baxter in May of 2014. I honestly couldn’t contain myself.

I met Baxter for the first time in April of 2012. Baxter was nine months old at the time. While still a puppy, he probably had no idea what he was getting himself into. I remember the first time I met him: he wouldn’t stop burrowing his nose into me and trying to knock me over.

After working with him for a couple of months through WVU, I unfortunately had to move to Indiana. Baxter continued to train day in and day out with Hearts of Gold, learning more and more and more about being a service dog.

In May I was able to greet Baxter knowing I’d be taking him home with me for good. It was such an overwhelming feeling! This dog is so smart, he could probably do the algebra homework for your 10th grader.Baxter

So here we are. I’m on tour running sound for a bunch of different bands. Baxter stays at front of house in his doggie bed, constantly reminding me to relax and enjoy the moment

Thank you, Baxter.

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